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ecosystem for entrepreneurs

ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Published by: Dan Seaman on 14-Jan-21
Join The Markethive Blockchain Inbound Markething Revolution

What can each of us do to advance Markethive, the greatest market network ever created, as we prepare for launch? ecosystem for entrepreneurs

It is really very simple.

1) Be active on Markethive. Log in once a day. Post something interesting you have found. Comment on other member's posts.

2) Find and join groups that you are interested in. Comment and post in groups that you join.

3) Learn to blog. Did you know that Markethive has your very own personal blog system? Click on the Blogs tab at the top of this screen to find out more. You will advance your own marketing ability by learning to blog here in Markethive. Even if you already have your own blog, you can promote it here in Markethive.

You can monitor your progress in the activities above by checking your Hive Rank at the top right corner of the screen.

4) Upgrade to entrepreneur one. This is the best and biggest thing you can do right now to advance Markethive and your own financial interest.

5) Find others to join Markethive. Find only 3 and you can participate in the Markethive faucet that pays you Markethive coin for whatever activity you engage in here.

6) Find ways to multiply your associates who join Markethive, and you are off to the races by accumulating Markethive coin and helping others to do the same.

This is just the beginning of the Markethive experience. By following the above steps you will be well on your way to a highly successful and profitable entrepreneurial experience in Markethive.



ecosystem for entrepreneurs




ThFox Affiliate Marketing 2021

ThFox Affiliate Marketing 2021